Years of experience in providing solutions in the industrial sector

Our history

In twenty years of activity – commercial service – in the field of sandblasting and painting, our commitment has led us to successfully implement plants of considerable complexity and importance.
Since its founding, the Cimenes s.r.l. offers its customers a wide range of products made exclusively by highly-certified and state-of-the-art brands.
Our commitment is diversified in various fields of activity as well as in the most important industrial sectors: from aeronautics to automobile, from carpentry to the industrial bodywork.

Our structure is made up of a Technical and Commercial Division.
The technical part deals with consulting and design, utilizing the efficiency of specialized technicians ready to provide a full and timely assistance service right in the home and in the shortest possible time.
The commercial part deals with the coordination, research and supply of the most suitable products to the needs of our customers.

Cimenes_ProfiloCollaboration experience with engineering and design studies has given us the opportunity to create a team of professionals and technicians able to better coordinate the design and execution phases.
Our goal is to achieve greater customer satisfaction through the use of tailor-made, technically innovative and customized global solutions, and through the provision of high-quality, highly functional and integrated products.
The services we offer are the result of an accredited and specific experience of intervention in the areas listed above, which makes us an essential and reliable partner.
Our policy is to ensure updating, research and progress in full respect of environmental protection, workplace safety and quality standards.


Cimenes s.r.l. has put in place its experience in the industrial paint and blasting industry, as well as providing continuous support to its customers, also making custom paints and solutions available.
Here is the level at which we provide assistance to our old customers as well as new ones, thanks to our staff preparation.

  • Painting 100% 100%
  • Sandblasting 100% 100%
  • Services 80% 80%
  • Customer Services 90% 90%
Antonio Cimenes

Antonio Cimenes


Antonio is CEO and founder of the company Cimenes srl.



Products | Services

Cristina is responsible for the management of products and services to customers



Customer Services | Administration

Katia is in charge of the administrative sector and the relationship with its customers

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