Azzurra BCA


The structure consists of galvanized steel panels of robust thickness. The countertop is also coated with scratch-resistant material.
The particular constructive design of the bench allows operators to work indifferently on both sides.

Suction is generated by a fan, located inside the counter, with a double suction driven by an electric motor by belt drive.
The air treatment is guaranteed by a filter cartridge with antistatic polyester fabric housed inside the counter.
Cleaning is guaranteed by a pneumatic, manual drive system. By pushing the button on the control panel, the system boosts the amount of air needed to optimally flush the filter.

The system described, if carried out at constant intervals, is able to maintain the filtration media in perfect efficiency, thus guaranteeing a constant performance of the machine with minimal maintenance.
All the dusts aspirated and generated by the cleaning operations are conveyed into special pull-out drawers placed under the counter.

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