Azzurra CPA


The structure is made of galvanized steel panels, of suitable thickness, pressed and cut edges.
Suction is generated by high performance, low noise and spark-proof centrifugal type electrospray (s).

Air treatment is guaranteed by double filtration. The first barrier is characterized by a special labyrinth filter that holds the most coarse particles. The finest powders are instead retained by special cartridge filters with antistatic polyester filtering fabric. The cleaning of these filters is accomplished by means of a timed system that injects compressed air inside each cartridge, thus ensuring a perfect detachment of the powders and their consequent precipitation in the drawers.

The cleaning cycle is handled by an automated microprocessor system, which is able to maintain the filter media in perfect efficiency, thereby guaranteeing a constant yield of the machine over time, with minimal operator intervention.

The electrical system consists of a complete control unit with all the components required for the operation of the machine. On the front of the panel are: main switch, emergency button, travel / stop buttons and switch for lighting; which is generated by polycarbonate tinplate ceiling fixtures with high performance neon fluorescent tubes. All electrical connection cables are anti-flame and protected by sheath and sheath press.

The cabin is equipped with differential pressure switch for detecting clogged filters, with a visual level indicator.

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